BONDS Baby Zip Wondersuits for Sale

Kids Outlet Online are proud to offer an excellent range of BONDS Wondersuits right here in Australia.

As a parent, you only want the best for your baby. When it comes to dressing your child, the top kid’s brands can be costly in the long run as babies grow up extremely quickly. You also need multiple sets of kids clothing a day as accidents happen all too often and kids get into all sorts of mess.

That being said, there is no alternative to prioritising your baby’s comfort. A child who feels cosy all day and all night long is able to grow, learn and play more comfortably. This is why at Kids Outlet Online, we aim to provide parents from all over the world with quality Zippys for sale that feel soft on your baby’s skin. Just like how you love your favourite cotton shirt, your child will love their Zippys!

Comfort for Kids in BONDS Zippys

When it comes to quality kids clothes, BONDS Zippys Wondersuits are a staple. We have Zippy suits for sale in a variety of colours, prints and character designs that will help make changing more fun for your child. Thanks to their zip up technology, parents are able to keep their baby snug with ease and minimise the struggle on both ends.

In addition, BONDS Wondersuits are made with soft material that feels gentle to your kids’ skin. Just like how you would curl up in your comfy sleepwear, your child will feel incredibly snug in these top-of-the-line BONDS Zippys. Choose from Winter Wondersuits to keep your baby warm in cold nights and summer Wondersuits which help keep them cool on warm days. For a super fluffy option, the Poodlette collection is made from cotton loops to add a plush, cosy feel to the Wondersuit.

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Here at Kids Outlet Online, we have a constant rotation of different Wondersuits for sale, with new designs and styles updated on a frequent basis. Buy quality kids pyjamas at reasonable prices while shopping in your flannel pyjamas. Regardless of your location, we’ll ensure that your brand new items are shipped direct to your door. We offer fast packaging and shipping for all orders made right here online. Our staff also provide excellent customer service and can answer any follow up questions or product enquiries. Should you have any questions about our product sizes, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.

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Bonds Poodlette Wondersuit

The latest addition to the Bonds Wondersuit collection, Bonds Poodlette Wondersuits are a luxurious new option for your child’s winter wardrobe. The Poodlette Wondersuit features a two-way zipper, meaning less struggling to get your child dressed in the mornings. For added safety, the zipper itself has a cover on the side facing your child’s body, meaning no rubbing, irritation or risk of pinches and scratches.  With the iconic fold over cuffs on both hands and feet, you can ensure that your baby stays warm and comfy all night long without the hassle of socks or mittens.

Poodlette Wondersuits are made from a soft fabric with microloops, adding a fluffy finish. Think of your favourite towel, but even softer! This makes the Poodlette a wonderful choice for wintertime, designed to keep your bub warm, dry and cosy all day and night.

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